Financial Inclusion Plan

As per extant guidelines issued by the Government of India, Reserve Bank of India, NABARD and Indian Bank (Sponsor Bank), our Bank is implementing Financial Inclusion Plan in 68 villages with population having more than 2000 in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Cuddalore, Villupuram and Salem districts.  

The bank has completed the implementation of the FIP in all the 68 allotted villages with population above 2000 and 154 villages having population below 2000 covering all our 5 command districts.  

A comprehensive financial inclusion plan for our bank has been formulated as PALLAVAN SEVA GRAM PROJECT which includes all aspects of Financial Inclusion activities. The survey has been conducted by our branches in the allotted villages involving various outside agencies like NGOs, School teachers, Farmers Club etc., to assess the number of eligible households not having bank accounts and those who are not availed any Banking facilities so far. The branches have completed survey in all allotted villages.  

The bank has introduced two new products

Ø  One being Pallavan Akshaya Savings Bank, a No Frill product having mandatory overdraft facility from Rs.500/- toRs.5000/- which will be provided at the time of opening of account itself.

Ø  The other one is Pallavan Kathiroli Kanakku, a General Credit Card product to cater the need for small traders by providing overdraft facility upto




All the No frill accounts in the allotted villages will be provided with inbuilt overdraft facility.

It is a No frill account having mandatory requirement of overdraft from Rs.500/- to Rs.5000/- which will be provided at the time of opening of account itself.

The limit under SB/ OD facility will be decided by the branch based on the felt need of No frill account holder.


Pallavan Kathiroli Kanakku - General Credit Card


This product is designed to provide overdraft facility to the existing no frill account holders who are included in the Financial Inclusion Plan to carry out any economic viable business proposition.

Eligible house hold can be provided with a limit not exceeding Rs.25000/-